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Descrypt is a crypto portfolio tracker and taxation engine. Descrypt tracks trade across leading centralized exchanges and on-chain. Their tax reports are currently live for US residents and have been vetted by multiple leading CPA firms.

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Velvet.Capital is a DeFi Asset Management protocol that helps create & manage on-chain financial products (e.g., tokenized funds, yield farming strategies & other structured products). Using Velvet.Capital anyone can create a diversified crypto portfolio in one click.

Submit your wallet addresses (here: Velvet Capital x Web3) and use our referral to avail:

  • 100% refund on the gas fee on investing $500+
  • $10 reward for any investing $1000+ for more than a month

Contact: Vasily Nikonov

Ontop, a YC backed startup, is a bank for remote workers connected to payroll. Ontop allows companies to hire international workers, and enable those workers to save in USD.

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Ministry of Creativity LLC is a Swiss-based enterprise on the mission to bring more creativity to the world through creative experiences, business approaches, and strategies. It offers tailor-made online and offline experiences for individuals and teams and promotes creativity and creative skills by combining interdisciplinary approaches.

Details about the Online Creativity Bootcamp 2023: creativeswitzerland.com

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FOUR.me enables you to make any web address (business, social media, JustGiving page, etc.) represented by a memorable, colourful word.

At FOUR.me each letter is either red, green, blue, or yellow. There is no .com, or .me after it. Details: four.me

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Blockchain Council is an authoritative group of subject experts and enthusiasts who are evangelizing blockchain research & development, use cases, and products & knowledge.

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RocketX Exchange is the Trivago of Crypto, which helps traders find the best prices across 250+ CEXs & DEXs exchanges.

Here is an app link exclusively for our community members: https://app.rocketx.exchange/?ref=HASHTAGWEB3

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QuillAudits is a leading smart contract audit firm committed to securing Blockchain projects with our cutting-edge Web3 security solutions. It provides smart contract auditing and dApps pen testing services for web3-based, DeFi and NFT-based gaming projects. Since its inception four years ago, it has secured 700+ projects globally and saved $15B+ in the process.

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More Information can be found here

Tallileo is a tool that brings all your finances under one roof so that you can manage your finance and get data out of it that is easy to understand. No more jargon, and over-complicated, boring UI. A modern, minimal finance app that lets you automate almost everything related to your finance.

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Download the app here.

The Crypto Updates is an independent publication house that brings forth the latest updates on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Contact: Amreen

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